Exterior Window Cleaning

Your windows are the focal point of your home and in order to keep them shining year round, The Window Helper provides a detailed cleaning that covers all items in meticulous detail. Every exterior window service includes cleaning of: Screens, tracks frame, seals, Glass and removing and installing the screens back onto the widow. . All screens are cleaned using a dedicated screen cleaning brush with soft bristles to loosen dirt and thoroughly wipe the frame of the screens as well. Exterior window tracks are sprayed with our cleaning solution to loosen dirt, debris, and compacted soil. The track is thoroughly brushed using a groove cleaning tool and all particles are removed. The entire window frame is brushed using a long hair handle brush. The windows sills are wiped down with soft microfiber towels and inspected for damage. The glass surface is sprayed with our unique ultra-fine glass cleaner and is hand detailed using a microfiber mitt. The glass is squeegeed cleaned and a final application of solution is applied for long term protection.


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